4 Online Business Ideas

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Technology has made our world and the way we do business ever evolving platforms. It’s heartbreaking for me to listen to folks complaining about having to deal with stress and depression because of their careers. They require help getting better sleep or they end up dangerously tired behind the wheel on their commute.

But that type of career is fast becoming unnecessary. We have already seen a paradigm shift in some industries where folks are permitted to work from home, allowing them a more productive and stress-free day. The employees are able to avoid the commute to-and-from work and the employer needs far less office space or none at all. But as technology has developed, an even more significant shift is happening.

Some folks just want the freedom of not having to go into an office each day and to be able to work on stuff they enjoy. Spending more time with family is a big motivation for some.

If you’re anything like me, you want a laptop lifestyle that enables you to work when you want from wherever you choose. To be able to wake up and meditate or enjoy a cup of coffee while surveying beautiful scenery.

For most of your life you’ve likely worked and taken holiday breaks. But imagine flipping that and being on perpetual holiday, just taking breaks to work and then only on something you love. Seem too good to be true? Well it’s not. Lots of people do it. They travel for months at a time or all year long, laptop at their side and passport in hand. Once you can work remotely, the world is your country.

Just look at the places you could be instead of stuck in traffic each day.

What a Digital Nomad Lifestyle looks like

My Motivation

I’ve always been the guy who said that, if I even hit the lottery and could do whatever I wanted, I’d work part time on something I loved and I’d travel the world helping people who, for whatever reason, weren’t living their best lives. I’d try to get them the resources and advice to make their lives better. I don’t mean just handing out money but, as the saying goes, “teaching people how to fish” so they might sustain themselves and their families better.

I had wondered about how I might achieve this though. How could I reach as many people as possible to get them information about different ways to make money, and also, what exactly would those ways be? I had no idea.

Then I stumbled into the world of online business. I’d heard the term “online business” before of course but i literally had no idea what it was or how it worked and I never bothered to look into it. Headlines like “How to start your own successful business online” and “Make big money working from home” always seemed like gimmicks to me, so I just ignored them.

Little did I know that I didn’t have to win the lottery to work on what I loved while travelling the world, visiting far off places and helping people. That kind of life, that reality, is available to anyone who wants it.

I actually began making money online before I realised that “making money with my own online businesses” was what I was doing. The penny dropped one day soon after I’d started and i thought, “ooohhhh, THIS is what those headlines were talking about”!

So that was part of my dream life sorted. I could travel the world, live where I wanted and, as long as I had my laptop with me, I could continue to do the work i loved. TICK!

But what about helping others who were struggling? Volunteer work was great but that’s not exactly “teaching people to fish”

Very soon after i began my online journey, I started getting emails from friends and family and then strangers. Hundreds of them. Their questions were all about how I had done it, how I’d managed to begin doing what I was doing and being successful at it. I replied to as many mails as I could at first, but then it just began taking up too much of my time. Everyday I’d get dozens of mails from people all over the world. Here is a list of the type of subject lines I’d get:

How do I start a successful online business?         

Online business ideas from home            

Top ten online businesses                           

Online business for students                                                    

Successful online businesses examples                  

Online business opportunities                  

Online business ideas for beginners         

Best online business models                                     

How to start a small online business                       

Unique online business ideas                                   

Starting an online business for dummies               

Types of online businesses                         

Work from home business                          

Should I start an online business?                            

Creating a successful business online

I was both impressed by how many people wanted to change their lives and daunted at the task of trying to help everyone. I decided a blog dedicated to offering advice, not just on how to start online businesses, but how to live better lives in general, was the most effective plan. There seemed to be less literature out there for men wanting to lead better lives, so I decided to tailor my site to men specifically (though I do have women followers who find the content helpful for their boyfriends and husbands.

How to be healthier, in body and in mind. How to think more clearly and constructively about ourselves and the world and how to become financially successful. These 3 things were my goal.

The Most Exciting Time To Be Alive

You are currently living in the most exciting time in human history. At no point in the past has it ever been easier to create the lifestyle business you want while building a successful online business that fits into that lifestyle, rather than the other way around. Affordable digital technologies and easy access to the internet have made business models like “the laptop lifestyle” possible.

We have entered the digital age where the antiquated work-life model no longer applies. You can now work how ever many hours you choose, from wherever you like and make as much money as you set your mind to.

For many people, this type of talk falls under the “too good to be true” category and they never even explore the possibilities. Huge passive income without any work is too good to be true because the dotcom lifestyle does take a great deal of work and long hours to begin with. But every second you work puts money in YOUR pocket, not your boss’s pocket or the company’s bottom line. AND, once you’ve worked hard and set up these income streams, they almost run themselves and become passive income, giving you the time to live whatever life you choose.

People think they are simply too busy to even begin to make a change in their lives and to steer the ship towards a life of freedom. But just an hour a day, with a few hours on the weekend, can lay the foundations for unfathomable change.

Most people, even in modern countries, merely eek out an existence waiting until they’re old enough to retire. To live a comfortable life once you retire is a great aspiration, but imagine being able to start living a time rich and financially free life right now. Imagine working for just an hour or two every other day and enjoying what you do so much that you would never dream of stopping no matter how old you got.

How You Could Change Your Life

So how do you set up your life on your own terms and live a dotcom lifestyle business and which are the best online businesses to start? Below are 4 of the most exciting and highly profitable online business models for creating the life of your dreams. But first let’s talk about what it means to have a lifestyle business.

Most people’s lives revolve around their jobs. Your employees set your work schedule, and you have very little say about how you spend your time from the moment you clock in until the moment you clock out.

You are only allowed to be sick 10 days a year and you are only allowed to go on vacation for one or two weeks a year. And even the vacation dates need to be approved by the boss to make sure the dates don’t overlap with someone else’s vacation time.

Nobody would ever purposely design a lifestyle like this for themselves. If you had the chance, what would your ideal lifestyle be? I’m almost certain you wouldn’t choose the rat-race/hamster-wheel lifestyle for yourself. You would surely want more autonomy for things that give your life meaning, like family, travel or hobbies you love.

Lifestyle design involves using technology and setting up systems that allow you to work from home according to your own schedule. It does take long hours of hard work to be a successful entrepreneur, but you don’t need a ton of money to get started and once that momentum takes over, you begin reaping the rewards.

Four of the business models that I have found to be the most profitable are Amazon Kindle Publishing, Affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA and Freelancing. Take a look, see which of these might best suit your skill set.

What is Amazon Kindle Publishing?

Well, as the name suggests, Amazon Kindle Publishing is publishing a book on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Everyone has areas of interest that they could compile a short eBook about. And for those who lack the drive to knock out a book about an area of interest they have, one could always pick a subject at random, take some time to do a little research online about this topic and then write about it in your own words. Hey, presto! We have an eBook that can be uploaded to Amazon Kindle and promoted there.

Novels are a little more difficult to write and take a lot longer, but if you have a great story, then crack on with it in your spare time and publish it.

Amazon Kindle have some instructions about how to design your cover using simple templates as well as ideas around different fonts and other ways to promote your little masterpiece.
You can list your book from $1.99 upwards and you get to keep up to 70% of the profits from Amazon Kindles global audience.
Are you going to get rich selling just 1 of these types of books? Perhaps, but probably not. But if you write one of these puppies every couple of months while doing a good job promoting each of them, you just might make yourself a very decent living.

For a really cool video clip on on this please visit Kindle Publishing by Amazon

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketer is simply someone who sells products for other people without being an actual employee. When you sign up for an affiliate program you don’t work for that company. You’re not an employee. You don’t get benefits that employees would be entitled to receive. And there are certain limits to what you can and cannot do as you try to sell those products.

But being an affiliate marketer is great because you have a lot more freedom compared to a regular employee. You simply promote the company’s products through your website, your email list and social media channels.

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you can set up your own online business very quickly and begin selling those products. But, you don’t have to design any products yourself, so the initial investment, to join affiliate marketing program and get started, is usually very low.

You are also not required to purchase inventory, ship products yourself or be concerned with customer service disputes or returns. You just choose a reputable affiliate marketing program with good products and services, and you begin promoting these goods through your channels. When people click through your links and make a purchase, you get commission.

To get some free videos on exactly how to get started with Affiliate Marketing, please visit the team who I collaborate with at Mentors.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA program is a little bit different from the affiliate business models.
With Amazon FBA you need to create your own product or at least purchase them from manufacturers or wholesalers. You then pack and ship the products to Amazon and they store them in their Warehouses around the country. From that point on, you basically get to sit back and collect your earnings while Amazon sells the product and handles everything else.

The Amazon FBA program is easier and cheaper than setting up your own business where you do handle all of the transactions yourself. But it does require some initial investment to create or source your products to build up your initial inventory.

There are some pretty strict rules that Amazon requires its FBA participants to follow, so you need to make sure that you do not violate any of their policies or risk getting your account shut down. Most of these are common sense rules, such as no selling of counterfeit merchandise and no selling of licensed merchandise without proper authorization. But you need to make sure that you read over all of the terms of service carefully to avoid any problems

To learn more about this process, kindly visit Amazon FBA on their site

What Is Freelancing?

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Freelances provide services rather than manufactured products. If you have skills that other people are willing to pay for then you can make a pretty good living as a freelancer. Freelancing is probably the easiest of these three business models, because it requires very little start-up cost and there aren’t a whole lot of rules you have to follow. For the most part, you are your own boss. You still work for a client or multiple clients, but you have a lot of flexibility with how you run your business.

There are all kinds of freelance opportunities out there. If you are a writer, an artist, a videographer, a photographer, a wedding planner or a business consultant, then you can start your own business and begin freelancing within a matter of days.

In my humble opinion, the best freelance site at the moment is Fiver. Feel free to visit them for more information or to sign up at Fiver.com.

In Conclusion

So, which of these four business models is right for you? Should you get into affiliate Marketing? Should you try selling on Amazon? Should you become a freelancer or would writing an eBook be the right way to go? Each of these four business models has pros and cons.

I myself am have multiple online businesses and interests including 3 of the ones listed above. I live a location independent life style or “The Dotcom Lifestyle” that this post was written around. I can’t quite accurately articulate how it feels to be in charge of your own wealth, time and future. It’s one of those things that, unless you experience it, you don’t quite appreciate how empowering it is and how your life and relationships improve.

My life had been a rather hectic one until i came across Stuart and discovered how to take control of my life and after. One rainy Sunday afternoon I clicked a link called SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and within hours, my mind began to open up to the possibilities. I went all in and now, here I am, living the dream. Free to click the SFM link (which I now host on this site) and have a look at the free video’s of how Stu and I did it and how easily You can do it too. What do you have to lose? Honestly, it’s free, what do you have to lose?

Now, if you do decide to have a gander at the free videos and start your own little money maker, out of the 4 options I listed above, you’ll find that affiliate marketing and eBook writing will probably take longer before you start making a full-time income, compared to the other business models. But the good thing about affiliate marketing and Kindle publishing is that once you get your systems up and running and are getting traffic to your landing pages / eyes on your book, income is largely passive. This allows you to have a lot of free time to use however you want. For many entrepreneurs, this lifestyle business is the ideal choice.

For others, however, a different online business model is required, at least in the beginning. If you need income right now, then you might not have a lot of time to wait around for passive income streams to pick up momentum. You need active incomes, so you would probably get faster results with freelancing or selling on Amazon.

No matter which lifestyle business you begin with, eventually you will probably want to shift away from active income sources toward passive ones. You want to not only have financial freedom, you also want to have time freedom and location freedom. These are more difficult to achieve with Amazon FBA or with freelancing. So, as you begin to pursue your dreams and design your own lifestyle businesses, consider the pros and cons of these four models.

Remember, there has never been a better time to begin shaping your future than right now, so go for it and good luck!

Thanks for reading..

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