The 10 Best Blogs For Men

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” -Mark Twain

They say you become like the people you spend the most time with. I actually really believe that. People and things rub off on us, birds of a feather and all of that. When we immerse ourselves in a culture or an avenue of interest, we tend to be influenced by it, so it’s important we choose wisely.

I like to get a nice even spread of manly information. Some blogs I follow because they’re entertaining, some teach about grooming, some about travel, psychology or fashion and Meditation; some even tackle Ways to Cultivate Your Personal Brand. But the one thing all of the blogs I follow have in common is that they are well written and the owners care about their visitors/readers. And that means a great deal to me because I care about my readers. It is my hope that I become, to my readers, what these blogs have become to me: valuable content with thought-provoking and practical advice.

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the 10 sites (I love Top 10 Lists) that I spend the most time on. I wish someone had sent me this list long ago. These blogs have rubbed off on me and I am better for it, I hope I they do the same for you.

Here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy! (click on the blue titles for direct links to the sites)

1. The Art of Manliness

This blog is so good, if aliens landed on earth and had to quickly learn what men were all about, this site alone would pretty much be able to get them up to speed.

It’s a collaboration by some of the finest writers online who post daily on everything manly. You could literally read it over your morning coffee as a ritual and you would never be disappointed. It’s neatly divided into sections for ease of navigation, namely: Get Style, Get Ahead, Get Strong, Get Social, Podcast, and Store.

The fashion advice is sublime, and it comes with tips and tricks. As does advice on how to behave in different situations, how to get in shape and how to be better at relationships in your life (from your wife and kids to first meets and girlfriends). You can buy what you need to stay looking good in the store, or listen to more in-depth advice and musings on their podcasts. It really is a great investment in time.

2. The Style Girlfriend

Let’s face it. Most men have little to no idea what the hell women want or what they really think about us. I think every guy has, at some stage, wished they had a female friend to give them a glimpse into how women think. What clothes do women think look good on us? What type of male grooming impresses girls? How do we talk to or connect with them?

Well boys, our prayers have been answered. The Style Girlfriend is your virtual wingmanwoman who offers us a glimpse into to the little-known world of what women look for in a man and how to become it. She is here to ensure we look, feel and act our best, to help us Acquire the Perfect Partner, or hang on to the one we have.

3. The Undershirt Guy

Overshare alert! I’m not really an underwear guy. I’m from Africa so I always found underwear restricting, at best, or god awful hot. The last thing a guy should be doing, in my opinion, on the continent of Africa, is adding a layer of clothing to their bodies, and for this reason, the last time I wore underwear was in my teens. So, when I heard about this blog, I figured it would be a complete waste of my time, but hell was I wrong!

Tug is the guy who has decided to lift the vale of this lessor known article of clothing and, not since Marky Mark appeared on the Times Square Billboard, has underwear enjoyed more of the limelight.

There are the typical underwear pants that we all know, but there are so many different styles! Y-fronts, boxers, naked wear looks, even “Pouch Underwear” (for those who are more “blessed” than others and need a little extra room for your loom).

More than this though there are underwear vests. Remember that sweater your nan knitted for you that rubs your nipples raw? Well, worry no more, 1 super thin sleeve vest will make it feel like silk on you. Vests with no sleeve, short sleeve, long sleeve, air-conditioned vests, vintage vests, non-sweat vests or even suspenders, socks, shirts, ties, male make-up…

It’s a 1-stop shop for the comfort seeker.

 4. The Aspiring Gentleman

This one does what it says on the label, and is also a Blog after my own heart.

Whether it’s wine, sports, leisure or travel, this blog has it in spades. Well written, pertinent and interesting.

For men of all ages, this one helps us learn stuff that we should know as aspiring gentlemen and offers some class to go along with it.

I really enjoy the way it informs without being pedagogical. I appreciate the depth and conciseness of the posts, certainly I could take a page out of this blog for my own and be better for it.

A thoroughly enjoyable visit whenever I’m there.

5. The Sharpologist

These guys take the Art of Grooming to the next level. “What your father didn’t teach you about shaving (and grooming)“ is their tag line and boy do these fellas know their stuff.

If I didn’t have the facial hair of a prepubescent high school student, I’d love this blog even more.

It has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about grooming, the tools, products and Ways to groom as well as tips and tools that you didn’t even know you needed to know!

Wet shaving, dry shaving, bevel kits, mirrors, even ‘How-to’ guides for shaving your undercarriage (trust me, you don’t want to use the wrong type of Thatch Cropper down there buddy, I won’t be making that mistake again…)  

If you’ve ever had trouble with sensitive skin or choosing the correct products, or if you’re just new to growing some facial hair, this is where you want to be for the most concise, step by step (even video guided) advice for the best way forward.

6. Worn and Wound

We men love our watches. Watches are statement-pieces and one of the few bits of jewelry that men can wear everywhere. There are watches made for sport, style, glamour, opulence, fitness, business and more.

This blog is an all-you-can-eat buffet of reviews, articles, brands, videos and podcasts on all things stylish concerning the fashion statement to accentuate any style.

Most of us try to own at least one fairly nice watch to suit all occasions, some of us are fortunate enough to be able to own more than one timepiece. There are even those men who collect watches (bastards, I call them, affectionately). For all tiers of men, there is Worn and Wound.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming gent, or just a man obsessed with stylish watches, this is the place to be.

Your watch says a lot about you, make sure you get the best advice possible at Worn and Wound.

7. Dappered

‘Affordable men’s style’ is their tag line but that doesn’t do it justice. This blog oozes style. It’s affordable, it’s effortless, it’s the type of blog I wish I’d found years ago when I didn’t know what I was doing style wise and so overdid it.

It’s actually fairly startling what you can do to look fluently stylish, without breaking the bank, with just a little help. I used to have zero sense of style or fashion, but through blogs like Dappered, I’m proud to say, I’ve made some huge strides.

These folks just really know how to dress to impress. I’ve even discovered that some great looks can be accomplished by wearing clothes I already have and just adding a few bits I found on Dapper.

It was an eye-opener when I first visited and it never fails to impress.

8. DIY Pete

If, like me, you’re they type of man who enjoys an aesthetically pleasing home with handmade additions that relate charm and style, then you’re in good company. I too am such a man. But I am also about as handy as a one-armed banjo player, so I continuously have to rely on the skills of others to get the job done.

That was, until I stumbled upon ‘DIY Pete’. He has amazing ideas and step by step guides to show you how to build anything from concrete tables to wooden beds or steel doors AND all the tools you’ll need to get the job done.

My grandfather was a builder, and I was always massively impressed at how he could pretty much tackle any job or build anything with his bare hands. I think we’ve lost that in the modern world, but Pete can bridge the gap between real men like my grandfather and relative wimps like me.

9. Fashion Beans

Calling all metrosexuals (or wannabe metrosexuals), this, my well-groomed friends, is the blog for you.

Dripping with clean cut styles and accessories, this site will get you looking like David Beckhams hunky brother in no time at all.

With sections dedicated to hairstyles, grooming, fashion, watches, shoes and cars, this site has more than enough content to ensure you never get bored and that you always look like you’ve stepped off the cover of GQ.

10. Dumb Little Man

Another blog after my own heart with similar articles to this websites 4 Online Business Ideas and much more. Dumb Little Man has truly wonderful content. It is extremely well written, it’s concise and easy to navigate.

If I wanted to add a friend to hang out with, it would be a guy who thought this blog was as great as I do.

Obviously, the name of the site is ironic, because neither the author nor any of the readers could be further from that description.

Read it, you’ll love it, you’re welcome.

Thanks for reading..

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  1. I’m Clarita and I live with my husband and our two children in Texas. We just want to thank you for dis blog. we luv reading it

    1. Thanks Chris, appreciate the kind words. Yours certainly isn’t the worst site I’ve ever had a look at. Nicely put together

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