About Health Wealth Mind

Health Wealth Mind is an online blog and resource run by Thane Hean.  This is a sanctuary afforded to the thinking man (or curious woman), though non-thinking men are welcome too. A place where, I’d like to think, personal growth is possible through examination of ideas, the world and ourselves.

We will of course also delve into staying healthy and looking your best, but we will grow our minds as well as our biceps and bank balance.

Men will typically attempt to refine almost everything in their lives, from the way they look and dress to what they drive and where they work. But they seem less concerned with putting effort into being someone of substance, by refining how they think and exist in the world. I believe this is due to a lack of easily available, digestible content on subjects that facilitate mental stimulation and emotional growth.  

So, how can Health Wealth Mind help you, who is Thane Hean and how does he know about this stuff?

Hi, I’m Thane.

A business owner, author, advertising person, spectrum sitter and someone interested in smoothing the path on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

I was born in Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, a small harbour town on the East coast of South Africa (in a room next to the one my father was born in a couple decades earlier).

Apparently, I was born on a cloudy winter’s day, as dry leaves blew against the doors of the “Old Mother’s Hospital”, which was really more like a very large house.

Ironically, it later became an old age home and I was always worried I might end up dying in the same house I was born in. Imagine that! I could come and go in the same room, like being recycled.

In the early years, my folks and I lived with my grandparents and then in a little counsel flat before moving inland to a more rural area. I was always an overly deep kid with an old soul. My mind’s path always felt infinitely wide and without direction, but my folks had their own problems so my peculiarities went largely unnoticed.

I spent a great deal of time alone. When I didn’t have my nose buried in books or ears peeled to old records on the wireless, I would pass the time fishing in a nearby river, or looking out over the valley from the top of a cliff, deep in thought. Always thinking. 

18 Years and 8 schools later I found myself spinning my wheels studying Math, Law and Economics, (the 3 subjects I was least interested in at the time). It’s tough deciding what field you want to dedicate your life to when you’re not even old enough to really know who you are yet.

I never completed my studies and instead decided to get out into the world and “find myself”. I bounced around the globe a little, working in consumer electronics, telecoms and finally settling in advertising. Advertising seemed, to me, to be a good marriage between psychology (which I’d always been interested in) and Technology.

I remained a mostly private person, though still wildly curious about history, people and a range of esoteric subjects. I’d spend countless hours reading about space-time, the hard problem of consciousness, theory of mind and the nature of reality, basically anything arcane I could get my hands on.

On the odd occasion, when I was around people, it seemed my job to passionately bore anyone who was unlucky enough to sit anywhere near me. I’d happily go on about subjects no one seemed to have the slightest interest in. It would annoy me that people seemed satisfied not knowing things, or that they pretended to know things they didn’t. Being content not knowing all there was to know seemed to me the height of folly. Like actively choosing to be blind and deaf when the most exquisite music and sights were available to consume.

Things became even more interesting when a woman I was dating (who happened to be a psychiatrist) revealed that I likely had Asperger’s syndrome (autism Spectrum Disorder). I finally had an answer for why I always felt so out-of-place and why my mind seemed to work so differently. And why most dates would end with the woman running for the hills as soon as she was able.

This new information enabled me to make adjustments to my life which helped mitigate against challenges (mostly for me, but also for others). And I’ve been pretty successful in a variety of ways ever since.

I am still passionate about learning and sharing information, but I do so mostly only when invited to, and I try stick to topics that might appeal to a broader audience. I still occasionally get strange looks from a few unfortunate folks who have strayed haplessly into the path of my overly enthusiastic and unsolicited spew of ideas and information. But these, I’m pleased to say, are now few and far between.

I now appreciate that most men are happy enough just to drink beer and watch sport in their spare time and not ponder the mysteries of the universe or their own existence. 

Besides being a lifetime student, I now also write the odd book here and there as well as articles and blogs (on more digestible topics). And I now also work with folks who are interested in starting their own online businesses. Taking control of one’s income streams and not relying on a boss or the economy for stable remuneration is one sure way of alleviating stress in one’s life.

If you’re reading this, then congratulations, you are one of the curious ones who likely enjoys doing all the things men do, but would also like to grow intellectually and as a person. You’re not only curious about typical guy’s stuff, you also have an interest in your own mind, the world and your place in it.

You’re the type of person I began this blog for.